TOPEX Wiper Blades & Stand The Test Of Quality

Brand: TOPEX


Size: 10-32 inch


Number of pieces: 1 piece


Color classification: soft flat wiper rubber soft flat/ Metal wiper rubber three-section hybrid wiper rubber


8MM wide three-section hybrid wiper rubber

10MM wide swallowtail wiper rubber



Support installation packaging specifications: single pack




  What is wiper rubber ?


The wiper consists of 4 parts



1The deflector


2Metal/ Soft flat


3Spring steel sheet


4 Rubber





Why replace the wiper rubber  ? 


1、Cost saving ( changing a new pair of rubber is equivalent to changing a new wiper )


2、For travel safety considerations


3、Greenenvironmental protection ( natural rubber, cold, high temperature, corrosion resistance, high quality )






The topex wiper is cost effective and has a long-lasting wiping effect .




Let’s take a  three-section hybrid wiper rubber as an example .






Special process HD quietdurable .


There are too many models, and there are a lot of rubbers above, So I won’t list them here .



Malaysian rubber ( original ecology )


Malaysia’s natural rubber is currently recognized as one of the best rubbers in the world .


The rubber used in the Topex wiper is soft, tough, and has a good texture. It is not easy to wear when used for a long time; it has both abrasion resistance and quietness .



Natural rubber strip can effectively resist oxidation, high temperature and other harsh external environment pressure, prolong the service life and performance of rubber .






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