Uh, um, oh. . . How to identify the wiper interface type ?

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Common wipers generally have the following four interface types :


1.  The general U-type interface ( the most common type of buckle )





 2. Four-in-one dedicated interface


four-in-onefour-in-one dedicatedfour-in-one dedicated interface


The above four interfaces are all special-purpose interfaces. It is necessary to use the wiper of the 4-in-1 special interface .



The universal wiper is not suitable. It is recommended to carefully observe the original car interface type before purchase, so as to avoid the inconvenience caused by the incorrect purchase. , our topex box page introduction also has a different interface wiper specific installation pictures for your reference .



In addition to the above several interfaces, there are some other models (such as Peugeot 307, Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, etc.), to use special car-specific wiper blades, universal interface and four-in-one dedicated interface are not applicable, it is recommended that you do not buy before You must first determine the type of wiper interface of your car, and then purchase it according to the specific situation .





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