Was not wiped clean ?



Was not wiped clean ?

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◤  Oil film on glass


If there is a film of oil on your car’s glass, this layer of oil comes from the exhaust of the car that is driving on the road, even if you scratch the wiper, it will not work. The wiper has no effect, either a wiper problem or the problem is on the windshield .


Splashing water on the windshield, with or without oil film, can be distinguished at a glance. If you want to clean the windshield with oil film, you can use the kitchen degreasing supplies to easily get it .



  Check if the wiper is hardened


The long-term exposure of the wiper, the wind and the rain, the rubber will inevitably appear aging. When the scraping is not clean, it may be that the rubber is aging, or there may be dirt on the wiper. Check it and remove the dirt .



  Wiper lever angle problem


If the wiper is intact, but it is not clean, it may be the cause of the wiper angle. Just adjust the wiper and the spring is too tight to relax the distance between the springs .


The wiper is not clean, the above methods have been tried or not , then you can only change the new wiper. At the same time, we must pay attention to the maintenance of the wiper .



There are more water marks on the wiper or the brush is not clean, the lower brush will not ?


This phenomenon usually occurs when the amount of dust is large or when the owner is accustomed to dusting with a wiper .

This phenomenon is obvious , and the fine sand dust forms an interface with the rubber contact surface, which causes this problem to occur .



Does the glass have white fog when it is wiped ?


The temperature difference is caused.

If the air-conditioning inside the car is too low, the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the windshield will be too large to produce white fog .


Water wax remains when washing the car . Driving in the rain will improve for a while .


Oil film formation . Thoroughly clean the windshield .


With products that are out of date or have been in stock for too long , wax is deposited on the surface of the strip .


Wiper – driving safety is essential ! ! !




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