What are the advantages of the car soft flat wiper blade ?

The car soft flat wiper blade can be attached to the block with the curved glass, and the force is relatively uniform, and it will be quieter, smoother and cleaner when working .



The car soft flat wiper blade uses the aerodynamic principle to keep the blades from being lifted by the airflow when driving at high speeds .



In the middle of the car soft flat wiper blade, the strip is relatively wide, and he can well block the sun to prevent aging caused by long-term exposure .


The car soft flat wiper blade uses a non-skeletal floating steel sheet to prevent the phenomenon of jitter during working. It can last longer than the life of metal wiper blade, and its weight is also lighter .


The construction of the car soft flat wiper blade will be more convenient and simple, and only needs to be done manually, no need to use other tools .

As we all know, wipers generally have three working modes, intermittent work, slow work and fast work .



In order to meet the different speeds required for these three jobs , the wiper motor uses three scraping structures to facilitate shifting. The working interval is controlled by an intermittent relay .


The strip of the wiper is pressed by the spring on the swing arm, sticks to the glass, and then swings to wipe the water. The tighter the wiper effect, the better the noise, as well as the wear of the wiper strip. The topex rubber strip and glass have a high degree of fit, scratching clean, no noise, and long life .




Work drive principle :


When the motor starts, the speed of the motor drives the swing arm through the deceleration and torsion of the worm gear. The swing
arm drives the four-bar linkage mechanism. The four-bar linkage mechanism drives the rotating shaft mounted on the front wall to swing
left and right. Finally, the rotating shaft drives the wiper blade to scrape. Sweep the windshield .



Finally, I warmly remind everyone that if you want to use the wiper without rain, you must first spray the glass water, otherwise the
damage to the rubber will be great .







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