What are windscreen wiper blade for ?



What are windscreen wiper blade for ?

Postview: 250       Date:March 30, 2022

Use of wiper blades

Trust your friends who drive

Will know every summer before and after the plum rain season

Especially in recent days

Many places such as home and abroad

Rain falls all day long


With such bad weather

It’s not just walking that’s dangerous

Even car travel can be a lot of inconvenience

The car Windows are often burnt by rain Resulting in

dramatically reduced visibility and dangerous driving



A high-quality wiper blade can easily wipe the glass clean


Minimize the effect of rain on vision

However, when there is always heavy rain, the frequency of the use of rain wipers increases.

Often use wiper, wiper problem to pay more attention to!



The wiper is an important guarantee for drivers’ line of sight.


Shake off the wiper, not only will cause abnormal sound, is not a good guarantee of the driving line of sight!

Jitter reason 1 : there are impurities and foreign matters on the surface of the wiper blade or glass


Solution: wipe the foreign body on the wiper blade and glass clean.



Jitter reason 2: Aging and hardening of the wiper blade


Solution: wiper general 6 months~1 year replacement,


if there is the aging the rubber strip phenomenon also needs to be replaced in time!



Jitter reason 3 : The Angle of rubber and glass fitting is not suitable


Solution : adjust the Angle of wiper and glass to make the force even !



Jitter reason 4: Excessive clearance of wiper connection shaft


Solution: adjust shaft clearance properly.



Jitter reason 5: The tooth disk of the wiper motor is badly worn


Solution: replace wiper motor assembly in severe cases.



Jitter reason 6: There is oil film on the windshield


Solution: clean oil film with a wiper to keep the windshield clean.



A windshield wiper blade might just be an unremarkable accessory on a car


But in the storm


Is the key to saving the day!



The vehicle is in motion

The wiper plays a very important role in cleaning

Topex is the founder of domestic rain blade


The industry has a very good reputation and quality assurance




In the process of delivery inspection

Adhering to strict factory standards

As long as there is a problem, immediately carry out after-sales treatment


Always put the user experience first.






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