What if the wiper freezes?



What if the wiper freezes?

Postview: 237       Date:March 30, 2022

I believe many places have been visited by rain and snow.Under the onslaught of bad weather, Topex is reminding the car that it will replace the winter wiper in time. & Snow Wiper Blade


Because when you are driving in rainy and snowy weather, if you are not able to clear the snow from the windshield effectively, you will lose your safety.Avoid this situation in time to eliminate the rain brush failure, timely replacement of the aging wiper film.According to relevant data shows, driving rain and snow day, due to the wiper blade aging vision not clear due to the traffic accident rate is about 10 times higher than usual, therefore, the safety of the wiper role cannot be ignored.


For domestic and overseas market demand, the Topex team has developed a T-S9 winter flat wiper blade designed to meet the snow in the cold region.Its adopted special rubber bumpers, wrap the whole frame, make water to avoid the direct contact with skeleton, avoid wiper function caused by the freezing cold in the winter cold weather to play.Even in a temperature of minus 40°of weather conditions, and can also ensure the wiper and car glass perfect fit the windshield, brushes off ice and snow, ensure clear vision, and safety.

T-S9 winter flat wiper blade


Innovation Product ONLY WE HAVE IN CHINA
Fit 99%cars

car winshield Wiper:

1.High quality wishield wiper blade

2.ISO9001:2008 quality Manage system

3.No noise,clear, perfect performance.

4.Fit 99% car wwiper blade arms

5.Size 12″–28″

6.New Generation Wiper Technology



1.The aerodynamic curve shape design make the wiper blade bear equal pressure,lead the blade to contact the windshield more close,quick removal of water from windscreen and bring perfect performance.

2. Latest high performance rubber formula–100% natural rubber, which is anti-heat,anti-ultraviolet,anti-cold,can work well in different climate of the world.

3.It has excellent scrap efficiency,which makes it two more times life than common one.

4.Coated with special film: anti-ultraviolet radiation, endure high and low temperature from 60 to 80°C.


5.The latest wind pressure design which can reduce the noise and wind movement and make scrap more stable when the car in high speed.

6. Size available:12″–28″ (1″=25mm)

7.Humanization design lead to quick and easy installation.

8.Fancy design and exquisite techniques to give you difference feeling and dignity.



Fit for bellow arms:

1) U-Hook wiper blade arms: 8.7mm*7mm

2) U- Hook wiper blade arms 9mm*11mm


3) Pin wiper blade arms 5mm*22mm

4) Side Pin wiper blade arms 4.7mm (3/16″)

5) Bayonet wiper blade arms 7.2mm

6) Screw wiper blade arms 7.2mm




  • 【 Focus on 

wiper used as a very important part of car, at the same time is expendable, a purchase does not guarantee a lifetime benefit, except needs to be changed frequently to check, in a timely manner, will inevitably become the focus of the maintenance.

For example: cold temperatures in the winter often cause the wipers to freeze, so before using the wipers in the cold weather, check whether the blade has been frozen in the window.If go out early in the morning found the wiper is snow stick because of the frost on the windscreen, this time don’t use hot water washing directly, so easy to make the Windows crack because of temperature change, the wiper deformation caused at the same time.


The right thing to do is to open air conditioning to hot wind, blowing pattern rotating to the windshield, in a few minutes the wiper will naturally open, convenient save Labour, would not have physical damage on the wiper blades.


In addition, the time of snow time to stand up the wipers, also can prevent the wipers from freezing.


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