What if the wiper is not clear?



What if the wiper is not clear?

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How the wiper work


From the birth of the first car in 1885, until the twentieth century, the wiper device had not been invented, the driver also opened the window in the rain, and traffic accidents were frequent.

With the continuous development of the automobile industry, the necessary wipers for driving in the rain are becoming more and more mature. In our daily use, there will also be a situation where the wipers are not clean, so what should the owner do?

How wipers work

The wiper system of a car is composed of three main components: the main engine, the connecting rod, and the wiper. The host consists of a DC permanent magnet motor and a computer that controls the speed of the wiper and detects the position of the wiper.

When the wiper is working, it is driven by the motor, and the rotary motion of the motor is converted into the reciprocating motion of the wiper arm through the link mechanism, so as to realize the action of the wiper.

The driver can control the current of the motor through the wiper lever to realize the speed of the wiper’s work.

The most common are metal wiper blades. Because the soft flat wiper blade presses the wiper glue on the glass surface through the wiper frame, due to the structural design, the wiper glue cannot be seamlessly combined with the glass surface; the soft flat wiper blade passes through the specially designed wiper blade, Make all parts of the wiper strip evenly stressed.

Therefore, compared with the soft-flat wiper blade, there are problems such as the existence of the soft-flat wiper blade, the abrasion of the blade, and the noise. Soft-flat wiper blades reduce the appearance of watermarks and scratches while reducing wiper shake and noise. The occurrence of noise, the life is also reduced. longer.

Most wiper switches on sale are placed on the right side of the steering wheel. Everyone knows that wipers should be turned on when it rains.


The glass is not clean

Usually, car washing is not conducive to glass cleaning, and fine tar particles will adhere to the glass surface, which will reduce the surface finish of the glass.

Rough glass surfaces can not only be scratched, but also damage the wiper rubber. For dirty glass, it is impossible to wipe clean. Go to a car wash and have them wash with a special cleaning glass.


The wiper rubber is rough

The original car wiper strip is imported. With proper maintenance, their life expectancy can vary from 6 months to 1 year. It is necessary to remove the fine sand on the wiper glue in time and use the fine sand to scrape off the water. This is equivalent to scraping rubber with a grinding wheel.

Over time, scarring will occur, the finish will fall off, and the donkey skin will not be washed clean. Therefore, every time you wash the car, be sure to use your own hands to remove the fine sand from the wiper glue, because the car washing machine will not wipe the wiper glue for you.

On the topic of wipers, simple and simple, complex and complex. A lot of care, a lot of maintenance, and driving safety are the most important. When driving on rainy days, the line of sight will be greatly obstructed, so the owner should be more careful when driving.


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