What is the key to a good function of a car wiper ?

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(1) The key to the good function of the car’s soft flat wiper blade is that the rubber wiper rubber can maintain sufficient wetness .

Only with sufficient wet ability can it have very good toughness to maintain the tightness of contact with the window glass .



(2) The wiper , as its name suggests, is used for raining, not for scraping mud .


Therefore, the correct use of the car soft flat wiper blade , not only can extend the life of the wiper, the key is to effectively maintain a good line of sight, more conducive to driving safety .



(3) Therefore, the riders who have not parked their car in the garage should develop the habit of wiping the front window with a damp cloth before driving every morning .



After a night, the wiper is dry. When you drive, use a wiper to scrape the ash that has accumulated on the front window overnight. This kind of dry grinding is not only difficult for the wiper motor to achieve good results, but also easily damages the wiper .



The correct way is: after the wet cloth is wiped, spray it again. Because good glass-washing water is volatile, it can quickly dry the window surface, thus avoiding wet glass ash .



(4) Those who have garages should develop the habit of cleaning the front window when returning to the garage every night .



Especially from the rain, the water droplets accumulated on the front window, after the next morning, became water stains, and then the dust absorbed in it, the front window is difficult to scrape off by the wiper alone .



If the night before, take the wet wiper and scrape the front window. On the second morning, I could drive very easily and cleanly .






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