Why the wiper glass water jet does not give force ?

  1. Less glass water


  1. The water pipe leaked, such as the water pipe was bitten by the mouse, the water pipe interface fell off.


  1. The filter is blocked, mainly caused by the use of inferior glass water or the use of tap water, is a cumulative process. Most of the filters are blocked, just like when you hold down the water inlet side of the pumping bucket, it will take a lot of effort to pump.


  1. The spout is blocked, you may paste the spout when you wax the front glass; often use inferior glass water or direct tap water;


  1. The water spray motor is damaged or the circuit is faulty wiper noise is loud


The wiper is not suitable. Another problem is that there      is obvious vibration and noise when the wiper is wiped.  This is due to the large gap between the wiper and the  windshield surface, and the excessive vibration caused by the wiper work .



Summary: Clean the windshield must use professional glass water, in order to better extend the life of the wiper .