What kind of wiper blades need to be replaced?



What kind of wiper blades need to be replaced?

Postview: 196       Date:March 30, 2022

The wiper blades have a very important role in driving the vehicle, especially in the rainy weather, because in daily life may be used less, which caused a lot of owners ignored the conservation of the wiper blade, you know the rain What is the need for replacement of the blade in general?


Wiper blade (wipers) replacement week:

Under normal circumstances, every 12 months to check a wiper blade. Different models of car manufacturers under the maintenance cycle is not exactly the same, the specific replacement cycle to the requirements of the car manufacturers.

Note: the front window wiper is assembled divided into driving position, passenger bit 1, some models with a rear window wiper 1.


I   Ribbon:


Reason: metal stent deformation or connection point riveting and too tight,rubber hardening loss of elasticity can not be fully fit with the glass surface.

Action: Please replace the wiper.


II  Blur and stripes:


Reason: The wiper is covered with foreign objects.

Action: clean the edge of the knife edge, such as symptoms can not be clear, please replace the wiper.


III  Fine water bead:


Reason: The strip is deformed.

Action:Please replace the wiper.


IV  Kata or other noise:


Reason: the glass has a car wax or oil film and other attachments residue; tape is too hard or too soft; glue tip part of the curved or wavy.


Action:clean the windshield,such as symptoms can not be eliminated, please replace the wiper.