What should I do if the car wiper scrapes too long ?



What should I do if the car wiper scrapes too long ?

Postview: 246       Date:March 30, 2022

The method of checking the wiper is very simple. Spray some cleaning liquid, then start the wiper, pay attention to whether its movement is smooth, and listen to whether there is a big “scratch” sound. If there is, it means the wiper is too much. Pressing against the glass must be properly adjusted and corrected.


After the wiper has been swept one or two times, check if there is any moisture left on the windshield and observe if there will be some scratches. If it is obvious, the wiper strip on the wiper has aged and should be replaced. New strips are gone. If all kinds of malfunctions are complete, be sure to check the wiper blades.



Pull the wiper up and use your fingers to touch the cleaned rubber wiper blade to check for damage and the elasticity of the rubber blade.


If the blade ages, hardens, and cracks occur, it should be replaced in time.


In addition, pay attention to whether the way the pole is connected to the wiper arm is matched, because some of the arms are fixed to the rocker arm by screws, and some are locked with the convex buckle of the built point. Be sure to look for it.


When using the car, pay more attention to the longer life of the wiper. It is best to avoid exposure to the sun for a long time. It should be noted that many owners find that when there is dust on the glass, they often only open the wiper to sweep away the sand. In fact, this will damage the wiper strip and the car glass, so it is a good idea to spray a little cleaning solution before turning it on. Of course, manual cleaning is better.


Maintenance of the wiper Pay attention to the maintenance of the car’s water spray system: add neutral, decontamination, lubrication of the cleaning agent; poor cleaning fluid will corrode the water spray system, wiper and car finish. Fill the water in time to avoid the water spray motor.


Wiper FAQ   


Strip Streaks:  The best palm point of the wiper wall is not found, so that the wiper stripe does not have sufficient contact with the glass at every part; improper arm pressure or superstructure damage, even improper wiper blades will Lead to such phenomena.


Mist-like Streaks:  A layer of oil-like film is distributed on the windshield with the use of a wiper, usually due to dirt, dirt or car wax attached to the glass; the wiper strip is contaminated by car wax and oil. . Fine water phenomenon: When the wiper is brushed over the windshield, there are still small drops of water stuck on the glass surface. This phenomenon is caused by the quality of the car wax, oil stain or silicide sticking to the windshield, rubber strip or strip. “Kata” sound or harsh noise: When the wiper is irregularly scraped, it is mostly caused by the abrasion of the strip, the damage of the arm and the bracket, and the aging deformation of the strip. In the absence of lubrication, there is also a frictional sound when the wiper sweeps the glass.


Wiper Lift:  This is common in today’s vehicle aerodynamics, especially in long-sized wipers. This phenomenon occurs when the car is driven at a high speed because the wiper is lifted by the wind and the part is not swept.


Rubber Cracking:  The use of strips has a certain life. After the hot and cold acid and alkali raging, hardening cracks or peeling are inevitable, and some wiper blades will fall off directly on the wiper arm. Poor quality glue will be damaged more quickly.


Rubber Hardening:  Due to direct sunlight and direct changes in high temperature, the wiper strip hardens and loses its elasticity. Damage to the superstructure: damage to the wiper bar due to damage by the ice shovel or external force. Corrosion or strip wear: Strips with poor weather, improper use of cleaning products, or substandard coatings can cause the edges of the wiper strip to be broken or completely worn.


Rubber Fouling:  Most of the causes are the oil stains that have accumulated on the wiper for a long time. The attached wiper of the car wax will create a gap between the windshield and the windshield. When the above-mentioned situation of the wiper can not be solved in time, your wiper will further deteriorate and scratch the glass, which will seriously affect the safety of driving.


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