What should I pay attention to using wipers?



What should I pay attention to using wipers?

Postview: 208       Date:March 30, 2022

. Wipers are consumables, wiper is working correctly directly affect your driving safety and driving comfort, missile detection Topex suggest you had better be six months time, change in time according to the abrasion of wiper.


♦. Use windshield wiper must have rain, water, must not have no water dry scrape. Even if the owner just wants to remove the dust on the surface of the windshield, also need to spray on the glass of water before the operation, otherwise it will lead to rubber scrubbers for increased friction and damage to the wiper motor.



After using the wipers, after discovering a lot of spots, you should pay attention to whether there is a stubborn stain on the glass, or you should replace the wipers or wipers in time.Pay attention to the corresponding year of the car, pay attention to the way of wipers connecting wipers, don’t buy wrong.When changing the wiper, remember to put a towel or cardboard on the glass, and the rocker should be gently put back to prevent the rebound force from breaking the windshield too much.When you use the car, you should always use the rain to scrape the water.The price of windshield wipers is uneven, and the owner can choose the right product according to his own needs.


Topex warm reminder :

When it is found that the wipers are not clean enough, the problem should be looked up in time, and the wipers should be replaced. It should not be ignored. After all, it is safe to drive safely.


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