Teach you how to maintain your car after the rainstorm .

After a torrential rain, many car owners feel that their car is somewhat different from usual. This is normal, because moisture and mud are the enemy of the car, and the car will be affected. It is important to maintain in time after the rain, otherwise it will bring hidden dangers .



Topex concentrates on the situation often encountered after the rain, and the owners can check their own problems .





Condition 1: Rainy engine starts to be weak


The most important thing in the rainy season is the maintenance of the “heart” of the car – the engine. The owner of the car will encounter problems that the engine is not easy to start on rainy days. Sometimes, even if it is barely activated, it will be weak.


Solution: The biggest cause of this problem is the leakage of electricity from the ignition system. Once it is found that the ignition system is wet and the ignition is poor, the engine performance is degraded. You can temporarily dry the inside and outside of the distribution board and the wires with a dry paper towel or a dry cloth. If it is due to aging, it must be replaced in time .


Rainy days often involve wading. After wading, the performance of the car is reduced due to multiple water inflows. Seriously, the car can not drive normally. This is of course also likely due to leakage from the ignition system due to moisture. Because turbid rain is the best conductor, the circuit is likely to cause a short circuit when it meets water.


If the engine suddenly turns off during the flight, do not repeatedly start the ignition. Wait a while or get off the circuit to check the circuit, otherwise it will easily cause the engine to be scrapped. When the car passes through the water smoothly, the circuit equipment should be maintained in time. You can use a paper towel or a dry cloth to dry the circuit one by one and then start it .






Condition 2: wiper failure


If you often drive in heavy rain, the unclear sight must be the biggest hidden danger, and the importance of the wiper is revealed. At this time, if the wiper is in a state of vibration, such as vibration and abnormal noise, you should be careful, because it is likely that it is warning you .



Solution: The increase of rain in the rainy season will inevitably make the wiper take more responsibility, and the inspection and maintenance of the wiper should be more careful. Because the road and sight of the rainy day are not conducive to driving, if the rain brush can not wash the rain well, it will bring great danger to the safety of the driving. At this time, the wiper plays a very important role, so it is checked and maintained. Be more careful in place .



The owner can place the wiper switch at various speed positions. Pay attention to whether the wiper has vibration and abnormal noise during work. Check whether the wiper maintains a certain speed at different speeds, observe the state of the wiper and whether the wiper strut has a swing. Uneven or leaking .



Any of the above two types of faults means that the wiper blades are damaged. At this point, you can pull the wiper up and touch your finger on the rubber wiper to check for damage and elasticity. If the blade ages, hardens or cracks, it should be replaced in time. The work of replacing the blades is not complicated, you can do it yourself. The front blog has introduced how to replace the wiper. Remember to figure out which type of wiper blade is used in this car to help you get it done .





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