What’s the difference between the rain and the shake ?



What’s the difference between the rain and the shake ?

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Post date: June 15, 2018             Source: Topex auto parts


【 Fault Phenomenon 

What’s wrong with the wiper shaking ?

When it rained last month, I found it was a little shaky. I didn’t care. Today, when I turned on the rain, I saw a shake again .



【 Breakdown Maintenance 

 According to this situation, it is possible that the swing arm of the windshield wiper and the rocker shaft are not fixed or fixed in a proper position, leading to contact under the windshield of the windshield wiper blade, thus giving off abnormal sound. This can be solved by adjusting the position of the pendulum arm. It is also possible that the swing arm is not completely parallel to the windshield .


Wiper will be removed first, and then the wipers stent on the glass, check whether wipers stent and glass completely parallel, if uneven, can be adjusted with a screwdriver or a cutting pliers, until parallel, and then install wipers .


Or try adjusting the wiper arm . Because the windshield wiper swing arm and windshield are not parallel, resulting in abnormal sound.You can use a screwdriver or other tools to pry the wiper arm and adjust it until the wiper arm is in full contact with the windscreen .


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