whether to replace the wiper blade ?



whether to replace the wiper blade ?

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Decide whether to replace the wiper blade ?


Wiper figure


Check the wiper blade


First : When the wiper is moved , the surface of the glass is foggy , streaks or partially blurred , indicating that there is oil film ,

bird droppings or car wax on the glass surface .


It can be thoroughly cleaned once with a special glass cleaner to achieve smooth wiper blades .


Second: When it rains heavily , the wiper quick dial works well .


However , when it rains lightly, the wiper leaves uneven wiping marks on the glass surface ,

indicating that the wiper blade has hardened and needs to be replaced .


Third : Pull up the wiper to clean the rubber edge of the wiper first , and touch the edge with your fingers

To check for damage and the elasticity of the rubber sheet .


Wiper blades need to be replaced if they are cracked , jagged , passivated or hardened.


Fourth: If you put on a new wiper, but part of the glass is not swept .


It indicates that the elasticity of the slingshot of the wiper arm is weakened and the wiper blade

cannot be in close contact with the windshield .

At this time , the wiper arm needs to be replaced .


The life of the wiper blade will change with the environment and usage .


Check the blade regularly to ensure driving safety .


Warm Reminder :


・Be sure to use the wiper when there is rain or moisture on the glass surface .

・Dry scraping without water will damage the rubber sheet and wiper motor .

・If there is dirt on the windshield, remember not to wipe it directly with a wiper, use a damp  cloth to clean it first .

A few seconds after the wiper stops , the best cleaning effect will be displayed after the moisture on the glass surface has dried .


It is recommended to replace the wipers every six months to a year .