Why is the summer parking wiping up? This is clear!



Why is the summer parking wiping up? This is clear!

Postview: 205       Date:March 30, 2022

Why is the high temperature days?
Everybody put the car wipers parked outdoors?

(One by one to put up, receive the signal ~)


Perhaps a lot of owners with the same little girl wonder

Even have this practice?

Can never seen in the streets to provoke!

Summer for the owner, the most afraid of the sun high temperature irradiation, not the car surface temperature is high, even the car with the stove like. Do not open the air conditioning is simply difficult to resist, but in the summer hot weather we often encounter a lot of problems, it is very troubled, fast little girl today with you that is the summer parking notice!

Summer high temperature parking lift wiper

Many riders know the winter when the need to stop the rain stand up to prevent the wipers were frozen, why the summer should also stand up the rain it? Because the summer outside the long exposure, the car surface temperature can reach more than 50 degrees, in other words, the eggs can be put to the fried, and the wiper material is generally rubber objects, prolonged exposure will make Wiper deformed, resulting in the wiper’s non-normal use of scratches.

In addition, if you do not have a car for a long time, it is best to fade up to avoid the accumulation of dust between the tape and the glass in the rainy days affect the traffic line of sight.

Said so much, is not trying to extend the life of the wiper?


Just, in addition to such a wonderful “vertical wipers” Dafa,

Do these small details are ok!

1, regular cleaning glass

2, to avoid dry scraping

3, the appropriate use

4, the use of water sandpaper

The wiper blade due to dust, cold and warm temperature changes caused by a small deformation grinding.

5, daily inspection:

When the wiper sweep after one to two, to see if there is water left in the windshield, and then observe whether it will leave some scratches, if it is obvious to see the scratches, then said the wiper scraping Water strips are aging.

Be careful.


Do not let the bear child to break the wipers Oh ~

Followed by parking as much as possible in a cool place

Summer parking as far as possible in a cool place, but many times we have no choice for the riders, there can be a place to stop are good, so, as the case may be. It is best to be able to stop in the underground garage, so when the car, the car temperature is not too high, or looking for shade and the shadow area of the building docked.


Summer to stay under the tree to be careful

Many riders in order to prevent car exposure, will choose to park the car in the shade, this time we should pay attention. In the summer high temperature, many trees will drop lipid material, not easy to clean the body, a serious point will produce corrosion of paint, resulting in the body “broken phase.”


So when looking for shade parking, be sure to pay attention to whether the surface of these substances drip. In addition, the weather encountered heavy winds, the body will often be very dirty, especially the heart just after washing a small car partner.


Be careful of lighters and car perfume

Many riders will have the habit of smoking, then the car will be placed lighter. The lighter on the dashboard filled with flammable gas, the sun exposure, the temperature increases, combustible gas expansion, is likely to explode.


One of the main components of car perfume is alcohol, the bottle has a similar function of convex lens, the sun will focus on heating in the bottle, will lead to an explosion. Spray-type perfume If the spray mouth is blocked, in the case of high temperature sealing is also very easy to explode.


Canned drinks are not allowed in the car
Canned beverages like Coke and the like are filled with compressed carbon dioxide gas, in the sun for a long time under the irradiation, gas expansion, prone to explosion. In the car drink as much as possible to choose some paper packaging or non-gas mineral water and the like, pay attention to body safety.


Use a shade block

If you have a small partner to park the car outdoors, you can consider buying a shade. Aluminum foil shade can be attached to the front and rear windshield, effectively prevent the sun’s direct exposure, both to prevent the car high temperature, but also to avoid some of the aging of the interior, why not. Of course, if the time is longer, the cooling effect may not be so obvious, shade block is mainly to resist ultraviolet light.

Summary: summer, people afraid of the sun, the car also like the shade place. Summer care of the car if not done, the back of the labor force to be spent may be more. We usually pay more attention to some of the problems, to develop good driving habits for traffic will be more smooth Oh!