Winter maintenance wiper ?



Winter maintenance wiper ?

Postview: 173       Date:March 30, 2022

The wiper is an important guarantee for safe driving in rain and snow .

It is necessary to carefully purchase and maintain the car wiper. Here are some tips for car wiper picking and some maintenance methods .

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Confirm the wiper connection method and specifications

The struts are connected to the wiper rocker arm, and some of the arms are fixed to the rocker arm by screws , and some are locked with the male buckle. Refer to the on-board manual for the type of wiper used in vehicles .


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Whether the wiper rubber strip is aging

Pull the wiper up and use your fingers to touch the cleaned rubber wiper strip. If the blade ages, hardens, or cracks, the wiper fails .


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Whether the wiper maintains a certain speed at different speeds

Place the wiper switch at various speed positions , especially if the wiper is kept at a constant speed during intermittent


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Check the wiper status

If the contact surface of the rubber does not completely conform to the glass surface, and the wiping residue occurs, the wiper fails.


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Motor with or without abnormal noise

If the wiper motor “ beeps ” and does not rotate , it indicates that the mechanical transmission part of the wiper has rust or stuck .

At this time , the wiper switch should be turned off immediately to prevent the motor from being burnt .


In addition to regular inspections , wiper blades are preferably replaced once every six months to one year .

Usually use a car to develop a good habit , remember not to dry , you should first spray some water and then wipe the wiper .


In the case of long-term parking of the vehicle , a small thing such as a towel can be used under the wiper to separate the wiper blade from the windshield , which can prolong the service life of the wiper .


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