Why is the wiper black and can not be made transparent?

First of all: the wiper is divided into two parts wiper arm and wiper blade.


Divided into the following assumptions:


a) Assuming that the wiper blade is made transparent, the  material needed is to ensure that it is not aged under long-term sun and rain, transparency is always the same, so the wiper blade is certainly not cheap.


b) Assuming that the wiper arm is made transparent, then metal can not be used, plastic or glass? Insufficient strength of ordinary materials, strength enough, the cost is too high.


c) Assuming that the cost of the material has been solved The “wiper blade” and the “wiper arm” are made transparent. When the sun comes in, the reflection / refraction that affects traffic safety is not a trivial matter, which will bring driver’s safety Hidden trouble.



Test: You can get a glass put up, you can experience the free refraction of phantom and reflection of light caused by the transparent property.


annotation:All black (black elements) wipers, which contain carbon. The carbon wear-resistant, add carbon in the rubber, will enhance the wear-resistant strip.


Therefore, the wiper does not apply transparent color.