Essential knowledge of a wiper blade


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Every vehicle .
Driving on rainy days can ‘ t be separated from wipers .


Speaking of wiper blades

You generally just know that the rubber is broken or aging and needs to be replaced ;


It doesn’t get much attention from the own .

But often rainy driving accidents are mostly caused by the field of vision , so must not be careless .




What do you need to know about wiper blades ?

How to use wiper rubber correctly ?

Whether the quality of the rain blade is good or not depends

on whether it is clean or dry .


Attention : See if there is any residual water mark , there is no sound , jumping phenomenon , etc .

If that ‘ s the case , don ‘ t rush to change the wiper .

Check the operating environment of the vehicle before making a judgment .


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If the glass and the wiper are free of foreign matter and still bounce ,

See if you’ve painted the front windshield recently .


Because if it ‘ s not applied evenly, even if it looks clean to the naked eye , it will still make the windshield wiper jump .

Solution : Paint the glass again and spread it evenly .


If the car is very clean , has not daubed on the enemy rain ,
but still can not scrape clean , to consider the replacement of the wiper blade !



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