Wiper blade case analysis

Question : How did the wiper blade I bought from you last time not clean ?


Error response : ( Comments and customer messages )


1 、That ‘ s impossible . Our wiper blades are the best .


( Language evasion , customers never like businesses that shirk responsibility )



2 、Have you used it too long ?


(  It ‘s a relatively good way to ask customers about their usage , but this sentence is not attractive enough .


It ‘s easy for customers to respond first with ” I haven ‘ t spent long .”



3、The wiper has been used like this for a long time .


( Some customers may not jump to conclusions without the cause of the actual problem , but in your description ,

you ca n’task the same problem to oppose him every time a customer asks a question , so that expression will be difficult . )



Problem diagnosis :  Rain wiper blade is a relatively special accessory on the car .


The special reason is that if it rains you can hardly do anything without it .

Answer :  Inform professional testers of QC for testing and provide technical support .



To further understand the reasons put forward by customers , you can view the use of customer wiper blades through videos 、pictures and more .


Further diagnosis  ( If you find a problem :  Does your wiper blade dry dry without water ? 

Unclean glass 、sand 、particulates etc .


Are the main factors that cause the wiper blade rubber to be damaged and not clean . )



The above is the pure sharing of the actual case of the wiper blade .


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