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Oh my friend !  I wonder if you noticed it ?  When the rain is too big, it feels good to use the wiper. However, when the rain starts, the wiper will notice the unevenness of the wipe on the glass surface; sometimes it will get stuck on the glass and cause poor line of sight. This situation indicates that the wiper has hardened. If you troubleshoot this problem, you should first understand how the wiper works .



Haha! That’s it !  The wiper is converted by the connecting rod into a one-to-one motion by the rotation of the motor, and the force is transmitted to the wiper arm and the wiper itself . When the rubber part of the wiper hardens, the wiper will not fit snugly against the glass surface, or if the wiper has a flaw, it will cause unevenness in the wipe and form residual dirt .



The replacement of the wiper or wiper rubber sheet is very simple, but you should pay attention to the replacement when changing the model and the year. The installation method and length of the wiper are different. Some wipers only need to replace the rubber sheet .



  1. If the wiper arm is vertical, stand it up. If it is not shieldable, first wet the glass surface and set the motor switch to OFF when the wiper is in the easy-to-replace position .


  1. The wiper is installed in a U-hook type or a screw-lock type. The hook type can be pulled out by pulling the hook up the wiper .


  1. The wiper that is removed is best compared with the length of the newly installed wiper to see if it is the same. Then observe whether the installation method is the same .


  1. Insert the wiper as far as it should, so that it is fixed .


  1. Wet the windshield and observe if the wiper is working properly .



The next step is to replace the wiper arm !


The wiper is in close contact with the windshield by the force of the wiper arm spring. When the tension of the spring becomes weak, the wiper floats or hangs on the windshield due to the strong wind pressure applied to the windshield at high speed. In order to completely eliminate this fault, it is best to update the wiper arm in the entire group.


  1. Remove the cover of the wiper arm mounting section.


  1. Loosen the fixing nut and remove it.


  1. Place the wiper arm in an upright position and then slip it off with a slight movement.


  1. Replace the wiper body with the new wiper arm.


  1. Tighten the nut at the stop position of the wiper and finally install the cover.





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