Wiper blade must have accessories .


The wiper blade is an essential accessory for the car .


It is mainly used to remove rainwater from the windshield in rainy days and also to wash the windshield .


The power source for the wiper blade comes from the motor , which is the heart of the entire wiper blade system .


When it is found that the wiper does not clean the front windshield in rainy weather , or if the front windshield has stains , it should not be scraped .


At this time , you should check the status of each part of the wiper blade , especially the wiper blade .



Windshield blurry



1. The method of checking the wiper blade is very simple .


Spray some cleaning liquid , then start the wiper blade , pay attention to whether its movement is smooth 
 listen to whether there is a big abnormal sound .


If there is, it means the wiper is pressed to the glass . Must make appropriate adjustments .




2. After the wiper has been swept one or two times , see if there is any moisture left on the windshield ,
observe if there will be some scratches .


If it is obvious , this means that the wiper rubber on the wiper has already Aging , new rubber should be replaced .




3. If all kinds of malfunctions have appeared , be sure to check the wiper blades .


If the blade ages, hardens , and cracks occur , the wiper should be replaced in time .








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