These Wiper Blade You Must Take Home

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These Wiper Blade You Must Take Home

In today’s market, there are varies of wiper blade types. How to choose one which is best for your car? And how to choose both quality and economic windshield wipers may be you considers.
Topex wiper blade devoted into wiper blade career for over ten years, accumulate amount of delivers at home and abroad.
Now, I am going to recommend some classic high quality types.
T-A99S multifunctional wiper blade has excellent spring steel design, which can fit for different windshield, lining stainless steel sleeve make scrape more stable and balance. In combination with a durable high performance rubber formula, which is heat, ultraviolet cold resisting can work well in different climate of the world, has excellent scrap result, and the life is 50% longer than common wipers. Otherwise the spoiler design with aerodynamic function, which can reduce the noise and wind movement when the car in high speed, make scrap more stable.
The aerodynamic curve shape design make the wiper blade bear equal pressure, lead the blade to contact the windshield more close, quick removal of water from windscreen and bring perfect performance.
2. Latest high performance rubber formula–100% natural rubber, which is anti-heat, anti-ultraviolet, anti-cold, can work well in different climate of the world.
3. It has excellent scrap efficiency, which makes it two more times life than common one.
4. Coated with special layer: anti-ultraviolet radiation, endure high and low temperature from 60 to 80C.
5. The latest wind pressure design which can reduce the noise and wind movement and make scrap more stable when the car in high speed.
6. Size available: 12″–32″ (1″=25mm)
7. Humanization design lead to quick and easy installation.
8. Fancy design and exquisite techniques to give you difference feeling and dignity.

Rear wiper blades are often neglected and forgotten until they are needed and then it is too late. TOPEX REAR WIPER BLADE right here for you whenever you want.

Featured with smooth delivery, streak-free wiping performance gives you a clear back view. Precision-cut and natural rubber edge provides superior wiping action and longer life. Stainless steel frame provides strength and durability, which is also available in variety styles and sizes. Be carefully when installation, make sure you hear the audible “CLICK” when connecting to the arm.

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