Wiper Blade Protection System guards you!


In the dark night when the rainstorm hits ,


Who opened the hazy window for you ?


Is a knight dancing in the wind and rain ,


Wiper blades for you !


In the wind and rain , always guard you !



The car is driving


The driver ‘ s field of vision must be unobstructed .


But in extreme weather ,


The front windshield will be the first component affected .


When it rains heavily , car wiper blade will play an important role .



The topex wiper fits perfectly on the windshield ,


Dance up and down and smooth the drops .


This seemingly simple action actually involves design considerations .


Among them : The most basic and challenging design difficulty is the influence of drag on the operation of the wiper blade

in aerodynamics .



The main consideration is the airflow uplift .


The down force that depends on the bonding between the wiper blade and the glass will be rapidly lost ;


Even if it does not fit well on the glass surface , the movement will become difficult .



In order to minimize the impact of airlift on the wiper blade ,


Car manufacturers have designed different scraper and blade shapes .


Generally speaking, the soft flat wiper blade is not easy to be blown up due to the special shape of the spoiler wing ,


which is more suitable for the windshield .



No matter what type of wiper blade


When the speed is required to reach 80% of the maximum design speed ( and the maximum speed does not exceed 160 km / h )


The wiper will not lose its function under the effect of the lifting force .





Before the automotive wiper blade products are put into production , they undergo a series of tests .


Only after all the standards are qualified can they be used .


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