Wiper blades are a must-have accessory for cars



Wiper blades are a must-have accessory for cars

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The Wiper blades are a must-have accessory for cars.

It is mainly used to remove rainwater from the windshield on rainy days and also to wash the windshield.

The power source for the wiper blade comes from the motor, which is the heart of the entire wiper blade system.

When it is found that the wiper does not clean the front windshield in rainy weather, or if the front windshield has stains, it should not be scrapped.

At this time, you should check the status of each part of the wiper blade, especially the wiper blade.


Windshield blurry


The method of checking the wiper blade is very simple.


1. Spray some cleaning liquid, then start the wiper blade, pay attention to whether its movement is smooth

listen to whether there is a big abnormal sound.

If there is, it means the wiper is pressed to the glass. Must make appropriate adjustments.


2. After the wiper has been swept one or two times, see if there is any moisture left on the windshield, and observe if there will be some scratches.

If it is obvious, this means that the wiper rubber on the wiper has already been Aged, and the new rubber should be replaced.


3. If all kinds of malfunctions have appeared, be sure to check the wiper blades.

If the blade ages, hardens, and cracks occur, the wiper should be replaced in time.


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