Wiper blades are not as long as possible


The longer the length of the wiper blade , the larger the wiped area ?

High-quality wiper blades must have the characteristics of heat resistance , cold resistance, acid and alkali resistance , corrosion resistance , ability to fit the windshield , low noise , strong water repellency , and softness without scratching the windshield .


When purchasing wiper blades , pay attention to the following points :


1 . Confirm the connection method and specifications of the wiper blades .

The support rod is connected to the wiper rocker arm . Some of the support arms are fixed to the rocker arm with screws , and some are locked with convex buckles .

For the wiper blade model used by your vehicle, please refer to the vehicle manual .


2. Whether the wiper rubber strip is aging .

Pull up the wiper blade and touch the cleaned rubber wiper with your fingers .

If the blade is aged , hardened , or cracked , the wiper blade is unqualified .


3. Whether the wiper blade maintains a certain speed at different speeds .

Put the wiper blade switch at various speed positions , especially pay attention to whether to maintain a certain speed .


4. Check the state of the wiper .

If the contact surface of the rubber and the glass surface cannot be completely attached , and the wipe residue is generated , the wiper blade is unqualified .


5 . Whether the motor has abnormal noise .

If the wiper motor ” buzzes ” and does not rotate , it means that the mechanical transmission part of the wiper is rusted or stuck .

At this time , the wiper blade switch should be turned off immediately to prevent the motor from being burned .


6. Wiper blades are not as long as possible .

Some people think that the longer the length of the wiper blade , the larger the area of ​​the wiper , and the better the field of vision .

In fact , although extending the length of the wiper blade can increase the visible range of the field of vision , it will also increase the burden on the wiper motor and wiper rod .


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