Wiper blades are not clean ?



Wiper blades are not clean ?

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Wiper blades are not clean ? Problems in four places ?

The wipers are not clean ? There may be problems in these four places .


Spring has come and the rain has increased .

Although car owners are convenient to travel ,

But wiper blades that are rarely used in winter ,

At this time , it often occurs that the scraping is not clean .




Dirt on the glass surface


During the daily car washing and maintenance process , the car owner did not clean the glass well ,

Resulting in some dirt and adhesion on the front windshield of the car , resulting in a decrease in the glass finish .

At this time , even the best wiper blade used by the car owner is equivalent to failure .


If the glass is not cleaned properly , the wiper blade will not be wiped cleanly , which will affect the owner ‘ s driving line of sight , and may also cause damage to the wiper blade rubber .

Solution : Wet the glass with water , and gently touch the glass back and forth with your hands .


If the glass surface is not smooth , there is a foreign body .

When removing , you can try to wipe it with warm water several times , and then gently rub it back and forth with your hands ,

or you can use newspaper to remove these difficult-to-remove dirt little by little .

After rinsing with water , touch the glass with your hands , it is very smooth , and then open the wiper blade and try it again , it will be very clean .


Rough wiper blade rubber


Regular manufacturers sell wiper blade rubber, if properly maintained , the average service life is about 1 year .

( Choose topex , a professional car wiper blade manufacturer, with a 16-year quality guarantee . )



How to maintain wiper blades ?


The most important thing is to remove the fine sand particles on the wiper rubber in time .


Wiping with fine sand grains is equivalent to wearing the wiper rubber strip with a grinding wheel .


Solution : Every time you wash the car , use a clean towel to remove the tiny sand particles on the wiper blade rubber .


In addition  : Try not to expose to the sun when parking in summer , because rubber products are most afraid of direct ultraviolet rays , which are easy to age and harden .


When the car is parked in an outdoor parking lot , it is best to keep the wiper blade rubber upright .


Wiper blades are used incorrectly


Many car owners have a habit of using wipers to clean the windshield and forgetting to spray glass water .

For the wiper blade rubber, the wear is serious .

Directly letting the rubber of the wiper blade contact the glass is likely to cause problems with both the rubber and the glass ,

which will bring economic losses to the car owner .


Solution : When using the wiper , do not wipe dry without water .

Be sure to spray glass water before wiping , and use it after the glass is wet enough .

Because some raised mud sand and dust on the glass will cause rubber deformation if it is not softened with glass water first .


There is a problem with the angle of the wiper blade


If after inspection , the wiper blade is intact , but still not clean ,

It may be the reason of the angle of the wiper blade , and it is enough to debug the wiper blade .

Solution : Clamp the wiper blade with a debugging wrench , then turn it slightly to adjust it to a vertical state .


If it still doesn ‘ t work , it means that there is too much pressure under the wiper blade , just relax the spacing between the springs .


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