Wiper blades can’t brush anything




Wiper blades are critical to driving safety , especially during the rainy season .


Pay attention to regularly check the wiper and carry out maintenance to prevent the visual field from being unclear due to aging of the
wiper blade , resulting in traffic accidents .



In the rainy season , the rain brush often works in the rain and is easily corroded by rain .

At the same time, it is more likely to age under the sun’s exposure , so it is necessary to develop a good habit of checking the wiper .



Once the rubber strip of the wiper is found to be aging , it should be replaced immediately . Otherwise , the wiper will leave a trace of unevenness on the windshield . 

It is impossible to completely wipe the water droplets on the glass , which directly affects the driver’s line of sight .



The bottom line is , wiper blades don’t wipe everything . 

Sometimes , after running at high speed , the windshield will be stained with sand or flying insects .

If you wipe it directly with the wiper , it will leave dirt on the wiper and make the windshield dirty .



When checking wipers , check the glass water by the way to see if the water level is sufficient , and try to use special glass water .

Also avoid leaving the wiper blade to dry the windshield without water , which can easily damage the wiper .







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