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TOPEX wiper blade, a quality, high-performance flat wiper blade manufactured by TOPEX factory. Recently TOPEX launched new multifunctional T-A99S to market featured on size 12″(300)-32″(700mm) such range only TOPEX can afford in Chinese market. T-A99S multifunctional wiper blade has excellent spring steel design, which can fit for different windshield, lining stainless steel sleeve make scrape more stable and balance.

In combination with a durable high performance rubber formula, which is heat, ultraviolet cold resisting can work well in different climate of the world, has excellent scrap result, and the life is 50% longer than common wipers. Otherwise the spoiler design with aerodynamic function, which can reduce the noise and wind movement when the car in high speed, make scrap more stable.

“We do not sell product, we sell safety” TOPEX CEO Jacky always hang in the mouth. To ensure top quality T-A99S flat wiper blade has passed the ISO9001:2008 QC system. Otherwise, T-A99S flat wiper blade also passed more than 72 hours salt spray test, anti-aging testing high temperature and low temperature resistance test. Our rubber’s life span reached more than 1 million circles. Our rubber takes Malaysia’s native rubber with special formula without chattering and leakage.

It is important to have the quality of the product but how to correctly use a good product is also quite important. You must know how to installation (change) a new wiper blade to your car.
Installation Note:

1. Please check the original wiper arm, and choose the suitable adaptors before installation, and if it is fasten after installation.
2. Please clean the dust and oil stain on the windshield before installation to avoid damaging the new product.
3. Please clean the dust and dirt on the rubber strip and windshield to extend its service life.


The TOPEX T-A99S flat wiper blade is designed by Mr. Jacky. The design idea is we find there are many kind of the flat wiper blade in the market we think if we could design one flat wiper blade that could fit for all cars that will change many things.

Then after many years multifunctional T-A99S wiper blade finally born out and soon welcomed in the market.

28´ç BV Automotive T-191

The package take blue and green two main colors, blue color from light to deep stand for our technique more and more skilled, fresh green color give people a safety and environmental protection feeling, further expounded our idea “we don’t sell product, we sell safety”. To ensure the clients interests we take 350g vory board card paper to lower the weight when loading to shipping, even more every package designed super applicable to different sizes of wiper blade, To maximize utilization of resources.

Except our ready-made package we also have other different package, such as single blister this kind of package has a good water proof abilities even better to keep for a long time, double blister, compare to single blister, you totally can put the whole wiper blade package in the water but the wiper blade keep safe. Otherwise, we still accepted OEM, your idea your demand or your design.

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