Wiper edges not scraping out?



Wiper edges not scraping out?

Postview: 374       Date:March 29, 2022

TOPEX will share some answers to the question about the wiper edge not scraping. We hope it will be helpful for you to understand the problem of wiper edge not scraping out.


First of all, make sure your wiper is not used for too long, if it is used for too long and too long, you should consider replacing it.


Then, you can try the following method:


Lift the rubber strip and observe it.


If the rubber strip is severely deformed and hardened, or even cracked. If there are such symptoms, it means that the rubber strip has deteriorated and it is recommended to replace it.


If the rubber strip is relatively soft and only scratches when it rains, and the overall feeling is fuzzy, it means your windshield has more stubborn stains.


To verify: On a sunny day, soak a clean piece of paper in water and wipe it carefully. The paper will turn black. The glass needs to be cleaned carefully.




Of course, the blade should also be cleaned, or polished with fine sandpaper.


If you are familiar with the blade, you can also separate the strip and the skeleton, change the strip before and after, because the strip is factory “T” shaped, the following parts in the middle, after using a period of time to change to one side, that is, the strip should be propped up in one direction all the time when not in use, change a below, this will play an adjusting role to extend the life of the strip.


Note: every time you wash the car for a period of time, the car strip brush a brush, so as to avoid the above-mentioned bad car strip and glass sand grinding.


Warm tip: Some vehicles have different sizes of left and right wipers.


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