Wiper just used a few months can not scrape clean ?



Wiper just used a few months can not scrape clean ?

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Believe not a few car owner all have this kind of trouble, why my wiper just used so a few months to scrape not clean , frequent change new not cost-efficient ! How to solve the problem that the wiper doesn’t scrape clean?


Here’s a trick ! ! ! 

Polishing the blade with sandpaper can be used to renovate it . 


How can I tell if the wiper can be refurbished ?

Not all wipers are suitable for refurbishment , so we need to determine if the wiper is suitable for refurbishment before refurbishment .

When you find that the wiper is not clean, first check the front windshield, because the glass is not clean, it will affect the life of the wiper.

If you do not have the habit of cleaning the front glass, the glass surface will be easy to stick to dust and other dirt .

Things will reduce the surface finish of the glass . This rough glass surface will not only be scratched, but will also hurt the wiper rubber .

If the wiper is not clean due to dirty glass , you can clean the front glass and wiper by yourself .


If the wiper is cleaned and it is not cleaned , it is necessary to check the rubber of the wiper blade. 

If the surface of the wiper blade rubber is seriously deteriorated or even cracked , it is not suitable for re-refurbishment . Replace the wiper with a new one .


If the surface of the wiper blade rubber is not obviously aging and cracking, and the wiper is also very close to the front windshield, after cleaning the wiper many times, the cleaning effect is still not good.

In this case, we can use the sandpaper to renovate the wiper. Used again twice. Before using the sandpaper to refurbish the wiper , you need to prepare clean water and a fine sandpaper.

Why emphasize fine sandpaper ? Because the use of coarse sandpaper refurbishment will damage the surface of the wiper strip , which may affect the use of the wiper blade, so it is recommended to choose fine sandpaper .

Renovate . In fact , there is still no spare wiper rubber.

If the wiper fails to be refurbished with coarse sandpaper, it will not be worth the loss .


The refurbishment step is actually very simple .

First, remove the wiper and clean it .

After folding the fine sandpaper, fold the rubber strip, then wet the rubber surface with water, and gently rub it three or four times from the top to the bottom.

Finally, it will be polished . Rinse the particles down and install them back on the wiper arm.


Although it has been verified that the wiper can be refurbished and reused, if the rubber strip is severely cracked, it is necessary to replace the new wiper in time . After all , driving safety is the most important .


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