Wish You A Happy New Year !

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Dear new and old customers and all employees :


Happy New Year !


Another year is coming ! Desperate 2018, we are welcoming 2019 with hopes, opportunities and challenges !


Here, thank you for your support and trust in topex over the past year .


At the same time, I hope that in the new year, topex will continue to receive everyone’s attention and support , and topex will continue to provide better service for everyone !



Just as China’s traditional festival “ Spring Festival ” is coming , I would like to thank all the new and old customers and friends for their early years! I wish you all a happy New Year !



In order to let the company staff have a happy and peaceful Spring Festival , the Spring Festival holiday is arranged as follows :



Spring Festival: February 4 (New Year’s Eve) ~ February 10; February 2 (Saturday), February 3 (Sunday) to work for 7 days .



Please forgive me for the inconvenience caused by the holiday !


Please contact our salesperson for urgent matters .


Thank you again for your continued attention and support to Trest !


I sincerely hope that everyone will have a happy, peaceful and festive Spring Festival !







January 31, 2019