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Topex Winter snow wiper blade use exclusive designs and materials to ensure clear windshields and safe visibility in any driving condition. These blades provide quick and easy blade replacement. Also, these wiper blades feature a rugged rubber cover placed over the heavy-duty frame that prevents slush from freezing to the joints.

Maintenance Data

Replace windshield wipers at least every six months. Fundamental driving safety is built on the driver’s ability to see the road clearly. It is difficult to see impending hazards in time to react when vision is impaired.

Inspect windshield wipers every six months for wear and damage, and replace accordingly. A good rule of thumb is to replace at daylight saving time.

Use an ice scraper as much as possible when deicing vehicles. Allow plenty of time to warm up the vehicle with the defroster on “high” to loosen as much ice and snow as possible. Do not use windshield wipers as ice scrapers.

T-S9 winter flat wiper blade

T-S9 winter flat wiper blade