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Many owners pay little attention to the regularity and daily maintenance of the windshield wipers, which leads to the failure of the wipers to work well when needed.Especially if the windshield wipers are damaged too early, even the front windscreen can be damaged.Wiper itself high utilization rate in rainy weather, but also to face high temperature exposure, winter cold, dust, acid rain, and wind erosion corrosion, so the working life of the wiper is also very limited.Therefore, proper use and maintenance of windshield wipers is a very important thing for drivers.

Wiper knowledge points:

①.  Clean it once a week.

②.  Say goodbye to ammonia detergent.

③.  A windshield wiper can’t be used casually .

④.  Avoid sun exposure wiper.

⑤.  The wipers stay low when not in use.

⑥.  It is recommended to replace the wiper with half a year.

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