There are some things you really don’t know about car wipers !!!

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On a rainy day, when the rain drops on the Windows, the line of sight in front of the car is quickly blocked, and vehicles, pedestrians and objects become blurred.At this point, start the wiper, the car in front will be clear.

If driving a car in a rainy day, not using a wiper or a wiper and not working properly, it is very bad for driving safety.

①. Before heavy rain, should check whether the car wiper can work normally.

②. Heavy rain day, fast and big rain on the wind window, even though the wiper movement may be fast, also hard to scrape the raindrops, causing the driver’s line of sight, in order to ensure safety, should be stopped immediately.

Why the wiper is not clean:

☞ The windshield wiper is always not clean, the most important is that there is invisible dirt on the glass.

First, the car park in the central air conditioning cool water tower under the spotlight, the cool water tower will tear the water after the particles on the glass to form a small white point, after dry, it is difficult to eliminate completely;

The second is that the car stops under the tree, and the insect secretes mucus on the car glass.

Three is the high speed of the long – distance crash of the insect corpse mucus.

Because these things stick to the glass to water and wipe the cloth is difficult to completely remove (just can’t see), on the glass to form a bumpy surface.In this way, when the wiper is used, the glass is not clean.Soak the glass with water and touch it gently on the glass. If the glass is not smooth, there is a foreign body.Clearance when can try to wipe with warm water after a few times, and then rub gently with the hand, also can use newspaper, these are difficult to remove the dirt out bit by bit, the effect is good, after the water to touch the glass with the hand, very smooth.At this point, turn on the wiper. It’s very clean.

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