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Basic Wiper Knowledge

Windshield wipers are indispensable components to the maintenance of a safe and comfortable field of vision when driving on rainy and snowy days. This guide explains how wipers are configured and how they work, which is much more complicated than their deceptively simple appearance makes it seem.

In order for wipers to be able to maintain a clear field of vision they are required to wipe away many different kinds of things from the surface of the windshield  such as snowflakes ,water droplets, mud,sand,dust,insects and other foreign objects

The wiper system

the wiper system is made up of four components the wiper motor,link arm and blade

The purpose of the wiper system

To ensoure a clear field of vision by wiping the glass clean

The wiper configuration

The wiper blade is mainly comprised of the lever,rubber blade,the clip,and the rivets that blind each of the components together

The frameless wiper configuration

The frameless wiper blade is mainly comprised of the spring,coat,rubber,clip,connector,out-cover and end cap.