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T-F9 Multi-fit flat wiper blade

  • Product Name:T-F9 Multi-fit flat wiper blade

High quality Windshiel Wiper Blade

Graphite,Teflon,Natural Rubber

Clear&silent,Long durability

China Patent,2 spring structure

Fit 99%cars


car winshield Wiper:

1.High quality wishield wiper blade

2.ISO9001:2008 quality Manage system

3.No noise,clear, perfect performance.

4.Fit 99% car wwiper blade arms

5.Size 12″–32″

6.New Generation Wiper Technology


1. The aerodynamic curve shape design make the wiper blade bear equal pressure,lead the blade to contact the windshield more close,quick removal of water from windscreen and bring perfect performance.

2. Latest high performance rubber formula–100% natural rubber, which is anti-heat,anti-ultraviolet,anti-cold,can work well in different climate of the world.

3. It has excellent scrap efficiency,which makes it two more times life than common one.

4. Coated with special flim:anti-ultraviolet radiation, endure high and low temperrature from 60 to 80C.

5. The latest wind pressure design which can reduce the noise and wind movement and make scrap more stable when the car in high speed.

6. Szie available:12″–32″ (1″=25mm)

7. Humanization design lead to quick and easy installation.

8. Fancy design and exquisite techniques to give you difference feeling and dignity.

Fit for bellow arms:

1) U-Hook wiper blade arms: 8.7mm*7mm

2) U- Hook wiper blade arms 9mm*11mm

3) Pin wiper blade arms 5mm*22mm

4) Side Pin wiper blade arms 4.7mm (3/16″)

5) Bayonet wiper blade arms 7.2mm

6) Screw wiper blade arms 7.2mm



650 675 70

High-performance wiper blades

that fit your car perfectly


Enjoy perfect, streak-free vision on the load with
precision-engineered wiper blades.