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Since 2012, TOPEX wiper blades have become the choice of leading car makers worldwide. TOPEX is the tireless pioneer of advanced wiper technology. From conventional blades and flat blades to the latest hybrid design, TOPEX wiper blades combine intelligent design, high-quality materials and precise manufacturing processes to ensure better wiping effect and longer service life.

Flat Wiper Blade

TOPEX’s flat wiper blades are at the cutting edge of high-speed wiper technology. The flat blade design offers increased aerodynamics compared to standard blades. They are fitted with a specially designed spoiler, which reduces drag as the vehicle is pushed through the air, resulting in fuel savings.They are highly resistant to dust and dirt, and perform well in high speeds or bad weather. If your car came with conventional windscreen wipers, they can be upgraded to flat wipers for improved performance and aesthetics.

Hybrid Wiper Blade

Hybrid wiper blades are a type of wiper blades. It is assembled from metal structure and plastic parts.

Metal Wiper Blade

TOPEX metal wiper blades are traditional-style windshield wipers. They are economical replacement parts for your GM and non-GM vehicles.

OE Exact Fit Wiper Blade

The OE exact fit wiper blade ensures a precise fit and applies pressure precisely to the windshield for superior wiping performance.

Rear Wiper Blade

The TOPEX rear wiper blade adopts advanced beam technology, which can install the beam and the integrated wiper arm at the same time, and the 180-degree driving vision is clear.

Snow Wiper Blade

The unique design and materials of TOPEX winter snow blades ensure a clear windshield and safe visibility in any driving condition.

Boat Wiper Blade

TOPEX marine wiper blades are designed to fit the size of the boat window and the area of the window to be cleaned. The size of the blade and the length of the arm match the size of the boat window.

Silicone Wiper Blade

The silicone wiper blade frame is aerodynamically designed to firmly clamp the rubber to the windshield at high speeds. At the same time, they protect the wiper blades from corrosion.

Heated Wiper Blade

TOPEX’s premium heated wiper blades feature a heated frame and silicone blades that melt ice and snow on contact. It instantly increases your visibility and efficiency.

Truck And Bus Wiper Blade

TOPEX truck and bus wiper blades, designed with a galvanized steel frame and stainless steel rivets for maximum corrosion protection. In addition, we use plastic bushings for smooth operation and reduced noise.


TOPEX wiper blade promotion can provide displays, pencils, T-shirts, paper and more. For displays, customers can also customize what they want to buy.


TOPEX could offer the wiper refill and the wiper adapter. The wiper refill is consists of stainless steel and rubber and we also could offer all kinds of wiper adapters .

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TOPEX flat wiper blade consists of spring, rubber, spoiler, adapters and so on. it is used the exclusive design and high-quality material to fit for customer’s request. Most of the flat wiper blade of Topex has the exclusive patents in China, Germany, and the USA. The product provides easy and quick replacements, even TOPEX offer the ODM AND OBM flat wiper blade for the customer .

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Hybrid wiper blades such as our T-100 and T-U190 series feature our excellent Hybrid technology. Beam blade performance mixed with added protection is a winning combination .

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TOPEX Rear Wiper Blade delivers the same look and feels as your vehicle’s rear blade.TOPEX Rear Wiper Blade is a standard rear wiper and is the same blade that came with your vehicle. Keep a clear view on the road ahead. Specialty blade designed for use on the rear of the vehicle that uses exclusive designs and materials to ensure clear windshields and safe visibility in any driving condition.

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TOPEX metal wiper blade provides a smooth, clean, streak-free wipe by using embedded friction reducers and multiple pressure points to hug the windshield. All-steel metal frame gives added strength to the wiper blade thus giving it durability both against stress and time. The high quality rubber used does not split when subjected to prolonged sunlight and heat exposure. The metal wiper blade strategically designed on the lines of aerodynamics as the vents on the wind-facing side checks air pressure accumulation thus preventing lifting up of wiper at higher speeds.

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