• We obtain the appearance patent in China, get approval
  • We get a functional patent in China, and we get recognition
  • Our products are tested by the quality dep- artment of China in


Specific introduction

TOPEX has get many appearance patents and functional patents not only China but also at aboard,Also our product get through the testing from China quality department.More than just product selection, at TOPEX you will find quality and service is also the highpoint, Our products enjoy high reputation in the United States, Europe, Southeast Asia and …


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Update & Blog

Summer is coming, pay attention!!!
Summer is coming, pay attention!!!

April 20,2018

Avoid sun exposure and wipers :     The intense heat of summer is very much the rubber material that tests rain brush, long-term go up can cause great damage to material, cause deform or lose flexibility.Please remember to put the wipers up after each stop and avoid the windshield wipers and the glass.However, it’s a … Continue reading Summer is coming, pay attention!!!

Wiper disassembly guide!
Wiper disassembly guide!

April 20,2018

☞ ☞ Disassembly installation guide:         First, be ready to remove the wrench used in the wiper.    To avoid damage to the windshield during the demolition process, it is recommended to place a piece of cloth on the windshield when the car owner dismantles the windshield.Support the wiper blade to change the Angle … Continue reading Wiper disassembly guide!

Guidelines for maintenance of wipers.
Guidelines for maintenance of wiper…

April 20,2018

Selection method: Wiper blade, probably a lot of car friends.The windshield wiper is a relatively small part of the car. According to the international driving safety survey, the traffic accident rate caused by the aging of the wiper is about 10 times higher than normal. If you have any trouble with your windshield wiper, you … Continue reading Guidelines for maintenance of wipers.



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