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TOPEX heated wiper blade is composed of heating system, spring, rubber, spoiler, adapter and so on. Our premium heated wiper blades feature a heated frame and silicone blades that melt snow and ice on contact. Heated wiper blades last twice as long as conventional blades.

Heated wiper blades are the latest in wiper blade technology. It’s the perfect accessory for drivers in cold climates who want to keep their windshield clean and free from frost, ice and snow. The heated wiper blades are made of high-quality materials and are easy to install.

This innovative windshield wiper uses a small heating element to melt snow and ice, making it easy to see through your windshield – and helping keep you safe on the road.


High Quality Raw Materials


TOPEX heated wiper blades feature a unique design and high-quality raw materials for clear visibility even in extreme weather conditions. In addition, the flexible symmetrical spoiler exerts downforce on the entire blade so that it is always firmly pressed against the windshield, meeting the needs of winter drivers. Get through the rest of winter with ease.

Heated Wiper Blade

Heated wiper blades help you see better while driving and also extend the life of your windshield wipers. Additionally, heated wiper blades help clear fog and condensation from the windshield.

T-HWB-02 heated wiper blade for Tesla Model X

T-HWB-02 heated wiper blade for Benz S class can quickly remove water from the windscreen and bring perfect performance.

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T-HWB-01 heated wiper blade for Benz S class

T-HWB-01 heated wiper blade for Benz S class can quickly remove water from the windscreen and bring perfect performance.

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Why are heated wiper blades so popular?

Heated wipers are a relatively new invention that are gaining popularity in colder climates. These wipers have a heating element built into them that keeps the blades warm and keeps them from freezing in cold weather.

Heated wipers speed up the defrosting process. You can clear snow and ice from your windshield in minutes. You’ll have better visibility in extreme weather conditions like rain, snow, and fog. Heated wipers also tend to last longer than conventional wipers because they are less likely to crack and tear in extreme weather conditions.

Heated wipers are solid systems. With proper maintenance, you’ll be able to enjoy these features throughout the life of your car. To keep your glass looking its best, remember to wash off all grime frequently. Wipe the blade down to prevent debris buildup, which can scratch the glass.

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Heated Wiper Blade

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