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TOPEX silicone wiper blade consists of springs, silicone rubber, spoilers, adapters and more .

The silicone wiper blade frame is aerodynamically designed to firmly clamp the rubber to the windshield at high speeds. At the same time , they protect the wiper blade from corrosion. The service life is twice that of standard rubber sheets .

In addition to conforming more effectively to the windshield surface , our silicone wiper blades have undergone extreme high and low temperature resistance testing , accelerated ozone resistance testing and QC hundreds of thousands of wipe tests to ensure the best on the market quality. Most of topex’s silicone wiper blades have exclusive patents in China , Germany and the United States . TOPEX provides customers with ODM and OBM flat wiper blades .

Silicone Wiper Blade

Topex silicone wiper blade consists of spring, silicone rubber, spoiler, adapters, and so on. it is used exclusive design and high-quality material to fit customers’ requests. Most of the flat wiper blade of Topex has exclusive patents in China, Germany, and the USA. The product provides easy and quick replacements, even TOPEX offer the ODM AND OBM flat wiper blade for the customer

T-100S Silicone Wiper Blade (Camry Type)

T-100S Silicone Wiper Blade ( Camry Type ) can quick removal of water from the windscreen and bring perfect performance.

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T-800S Multifunctional Silicone Wiper Blade

T-800S multifunctional Silicone Wiper Blade can quick remove of water from the windscreen and bring perfect performance.

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