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Boat wiper blades feature a multi-frame construction that equalizes pressure over the entire length of the blade. Durable silicone rubber blades create a smoother wiping action. Even working under extreme conditions from -40°C to 80°C, it still has very good wiping performance.

TOPEX boat wiper blades are designed to provide optimum cleaning performance on boat windows of all sizes and shapes. Manufactured with a rubber insert that matches the shape of the window, our wipers ensure a full, clean wipe every time.

Our boat wiper blades have strong water repellency and good cleaning performance. It effectively cleans boat windows and keeps glass clean in all weather conditions. If your boat’s helm station is located behind the windshield, it may be a good idea to consider installing boat wiper blades.

Clear visibility is key to avoiding collisions and other boating accidents. By choosing the right boat windshield wiper from TOPEX for your boat, you will enhance the safety of your boat and the entertainment of your passengers.

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The TOPEX rear wiper blade is carefully crafted with high-end materials. From material production to shipment, dozens of procedures have been tested to ensure high quality and stability. With our industry knowledge and their innovative solutions, we are able to provide the boat windshield wipers you need just in time.

Boat Wiper Blade

The boat wiper blade is must-have equipment for any boat owner. Our revolutionary design makes it easy to keep your boat looking great while you're out at sea. When you're on the water, this easy-to-install wiper blade keeps your windshield clear, making it easier to see what's ahead and keeping you safe.

T-B103 boat Wiper Blade

T-B103 boat wiper blade can quick removal of water from the windscreen and bring perfect performance.

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How to install a boat wiper blade system on your boat?

Although often overlooked, windshield wipers are integral safety equipment on many motor boats and yachts. While many boaters never plan to go out on a rainy or stormy day, we all know conditions on the water can change quickly and it’s best to be prepared.

If you own a boat, you know that keeping your windshield clean is critical to your visibility when you’re out at sea. But keeping your windshield clean can be a challenge, especially if you don’t have a wiper system installed.

Given that most boats and yachts have unique windshield sizes and shapes, every wiper fit is different. At the simplest end, a wiper system consists of 4 components: a motor, an arm, a blade, and a control to turn the system on and off.

At the more complex end, a wiper system will involve multiple panes of glass, requiring multiple synchronous motors, an electronic control panel, and a windshield washer system. The number of components in the system will determine the ease of installation and it is best to consult a qualified marine technician if you are unsure of your ability to complete the installation.

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Boat Wiper Blade

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