Flat Wiper Blade

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TOPEX has get many appearance patents and functional patents not only China but also at aboard,Also our product get through the testing from China quality department.

Topex flat wiper blade consists of spring, rubber, spoiler, adapters and so on. it is used the exclusive design and high-quality material to fit for customer’s request. Most of the flat wiper blade of Topex has the exclusive patents in China, Germany, and the USA. The product provides easy and quick replacements, even TOPEX offer the ODM AND OBM flat wiper blade for the customer

As flat wiper blade is under good control, These blades could fit even the high-pressure arm and fit for the extreme weather such as UV, acid rain and exposure。

now the flat wiper blade divided into several broad categories such as the universal,5 in 1 and all-in-one style.

Maintenance Data

1. Replace a flat wiper blade at least every six months. Fundamental driving safety is built on the driver’s ability to see the road clearly. It is difficult to see impending hazards in time to react when vision is impaired.

2. Inspect a flat wiper blade every three to six months for wear and damage, and replace accordingly. A good rule of thumb is to replace at daylight saving time.

3.when meet the extreme  weather need to change the flat wiper blade within three to six months