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T-110 Best hybrid wiper blades(CRV type)

  • Product Name:T-110 best hybrid wiper blades(CRV type)
  • FOB:1$-2$
  • MOQ:500-3000PCS
  • Suppliy Ability:1,000,000pcs per month
  • Delivery time :30 days
  • Payment Term:T/T or LC


The combined advantages of advanced engineering, superior materials, and futuristic design make TOPEX’s hybrid wiper blades some of the most desirable in the world. It’s no wonder they are the original equipment choice of some of the world’s top vehicle marques. Featuring the same exacting technologies and gives you and your customers unprecedented access to the future of wiper technology.

Quick Details of T-110 best hybrid wiper blades

Type: hybrid wiper blades

Model: T-110 ( Universal )

Brand Name: TOPEX

Place of Origin: China

Material: Spring steel, 100% natural rubber

Car Make: Suitable for 96% of models

Size: 12-28 inches

MOQ: 3000 Pcs

Color: Black

Be fit: Left-hand and right-hand driving car

Applicable Cars: Toyota Camry KIA Hyundai, etc.

Apply to Specific Wiper Arms

1. U-HOOK wiper blade arms: 7.8*7mm

2. U-HOOK wiper blade arms: 9*11mm

3. U-HOOK wiper blade arms: 8.7*7mm

Detail Of T-110 Best hybrid wiper blades

Three-stage diversion design

The pressure can be evenly distributed on the entire wiper blade, closer to the windshield arc, providing a wiping effect.

Dedicated interface design

The special interface design, dedicated to the car, adapts to each interface of each model, to ensure stability and safety during the driving process.

Structural guide vane

It reduces wind resistance while still providing very good pressure, ensuring a clear view.

High strength housing

Hard material, good barrier performance, prevent the high temperature of rubber, and guarantee service life.