Are silicone wiper blades better ?



Are silicone wiper blades better ?

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Silicone blades are built to last up to twice as long as conventional ones, and that durability can help them perform better than rubber blades in demanding conditions. However, silicone blades are still more expensive than normal rubber.

Windshield wipers are crucial components of any vehicle, providing visibility in challenging weather conditions. However, not all wiper blades are created equal, and the type of wiper blade you choose can make a significant difference in your driving experience.

Silicone wiper blades have been gaining popularity in recent years due to their numerous advantages over traditional rubber blades. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of silicone wiper blades and how they compare to traditional rubber blades.

What are silicone wiper blades ?

Silicone wiper blades are made of high-quality silicone, offering numerous advantages over traditional rubber wiper blades. The silicone serves as a lubricant, reducing friction between the blade and the windshield and preventing scratching or damage to the glass. Silicone wiper blades are also durable and long-lasting, with a longer lifespan than traditional rubber blades.

Advantages of silicone wiper blades:

1. Better Performance:

One of the most significant advantages of silicone wiper blades is their superior performance. The silicone material ensures that the blade glides smoothly across the windshield, providing excellent wiping performance and a clear view of the road ahead. Silicone blades also provide better visibility in harsh weather conditions, like heavy rain or snow.

2. Durability:

Silicone wiper blades are significantly more durable than traditional rubber blades, with a longer lifespan of up to two times longer. The silicone material is not affected by heat or cold, making it ideal for use in any weather condition.

3. Resistant to Temperature Change:

Silicone wiper blades are resistant to extreme temperatures, making them suitable for use in any climate. They won’t become brittle in cold weather, and they won’t warp or distort in hot weather conditions.

4. Resistant to UV Rays:

Silicone wiper blades are highly resistant to UV rays, which can cause traditional rubber blades to crack or deteriorate. The silicone material maintains its properties, even with prolonged exposure to sunlight.

5. Smoother, Quieter Operation:

Silicone wiper blades move smoothly over the windshield, producing less noise than traditional rubber blades. The silicone material reduces friction, creating a smoother, quieter operation that is less distracting while driving.


Disadvantages of silicone wiper blades :

1. Higher Cost:

One of the main disadvantages of silicone wiper blades is that they are more expensive than traditional rubber blades. The higher cost may deter some buyers from choosing silicone wiper blades, even though they provide better performance and durability.


2. Difficulty Finding the Right Size:

Silicone wiper blades are not available in as many sizes as traditional rubber blades, making it challenging to find the right size for your vehicle.


Silicone wiper blades offer numerous advantages over traditional rubber blades, including better performance, durability, and resistance to weather conditions. While they may be more expensive initially, they provide long-term cost savings due to their longer lifespan and superior performance.

If you’re looking for high-performance wiper blades that can handle any weather condition, silicone wiper blades are an excellent choice. However, it’s essential to ensure that you select the right size for your vehicle to ensure proper fit and performance.

TOPEX China’s top ten national brand wiper blades:

Here are some of the best silicone wiper blades types on the market that we recommend for you :
T-100s silicone wiper blades:

T-100S Silicone Wiper Blade (Camry Type)


  • Product Name:T-100S Silicone Wiper Blade (Camry Type)
  • FOB Price:$1 – $2
  • Min.Order Quantity:3000 PCS
  • Supply Ability:1,000,000 PCS
  • Port:XIAMEN
  • Payment Terms:TT or L/C

Detail of T-100S Silicone Wiper Blade



Three-stage diversion design
The pressure can be evenly distributed on the entire wiper blade, closer to the windshield arc, providing a wiping effect.

Dedicated interface design
The special interface design, dedicated to the car, adapts to each interface of each model, to ensure stability and safety during the driving process.

Structural guide vane
It reduces the wind resistance while still providing very good pressure, ensuring a clear view.

High strength housing
Hard material, good barrier performance, prevent the high temperature of rubber, and guarantee service life.