How to judge wiper blade aging ?


A wiper blade may need to be replaced in advance if :



[A] . Damage that can be discerned by the eyes


Rupture 、crack、 aging、 rust、deformation , etc ., please timely replace the wiper blade .



[ B ] . Visible damage by ear


The rubber strip has been removed from the skeleton , and it will beat the front windshield every time it is scraped , making abnormal sounds such as jumping and shaking .


Please replace the wiper blade timely .



[ C ] . Scraping effect to identify

When you use the wiper , if the wiper will leave scratches on the two sides or the middle glass after each scrape , it means that the wiper blade is beginning to age .


Please replace the wiper blade timely .



When the above symptoms appear , please replace it as soon as possible .



Wiper blade are inexpensive and easy to replace .



Suggestion : 5000 kilometers or 3 months


Check wiper blade for aging and add glass water .







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