Maintain good condition of wiper blades



Maintain good condition of wiper blades

Postview: 219       Date:March 30, 2022
Summer is coming , today I will tell you how to maintain the wiper blades .

Whether it is a luxury car or an ordinary car , the quality of the wiper blades should be emphasized and strengthened .

As for all car owners , they should also understand the use and daily maintenance of some wiper blade .


Check regularly and replace the wiper blades in time .

The importance of wiper blades can be highlighted on rainy days ;

car owners cannot be negligent on days without rain .

The condition of the wiper rubber should be checked regularly .

Once the rubber is found to be hard , deformed , or cracked , it should be replaced in time .

If you find that the wiper blades are not well wiped while driving in the rain , you should pay more attention to it .


Clean gently to keep the wiper blade clean .


When cleaning the wiper blades , use a soft cloth to stand the wiper blades up and gently apply force in the direction of the rubber .

General cleaners generally contain ammonia , which will promote the hardening of rubber .

So you should choose a special cleaner or alcohol-containing cleaner to clean the wiper blade to reduce the damage to the wiper blade .

Be wary of high temperatures and avoid exposure of wiper blades .


Now it is the hot summer , the rubber material of the wiper blade can not withstand high temperature , it is easy to harden and age , and lose its elasticity .

Therefore , try to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun .

In addition , erect the wiper blade after parking .

To prevent the wiper and the glass from always being attached together , thereby affecting the performance of the rubber on the wiper blade .


Do not start the wiper blade forcefully .


Pay attention to whether the front or rear windshield is wet when the motor wiper is working .

Never start the wiper blade when the glass is dry .

In this case , the friction will bring a large load to the motor and may even damage the motor .

Although the wiper blades are small , they are of great use .

The maintenance of the wiper blades should also start small to maintain the good operating condition of the wiper blades and escort for safe driving .


Driving safety is the most important .


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