Most complete wiper blade maintenance


The wiper blade is not conspicuous in the parts of the car , but it plays an irreplaceable role in the safe driving ,

especially in the rainy and snowy weather .



♥  Avoid dry brush  ♠


The windshield is stained with dust and sundries .

Do not use wiper dry brush directly , otherwise the wiper blade will be damaged .


Solution : Remove clutter ; Wash with water glass .


Picture 1


  Way from the oil 


The wiper blade must be wiped with cleaning fluid first when it accidentally touches the oil stain .


If the wiper is used directly , the grease will stick to the windshield .


Rain will adhere to the surface of the glass , resulting in blurred vision .


Picture 2


Avoid exposure 


Vehicles parked in the hot sun , the front windshield temperature is very high ,

close to the glass of the rain wipers because of the high temperature and accelerated aging .


Solution : The wiper can be erected , reduce contact with hot glass , extend the service life of wiper blade .


Picture 3



  Light with light   


When washing your car or taking care of wiper blades every day , get the ” back ” of the blade .


Gently return the wiper blade without snapping it back .


Picture 4



♥  Regular inspection 


Regularly place the wiper switch at various speed positions to check whether the wiper can work normally at different speeds .


If wiper blade aging 、 hardening 、crack 、should be replaced in time .


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