Never lost in the New Year starting line!



Never lost in the New Year starting line!

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2017/12/19  TOPEX Official Blog

2017 did not leave a few days, no matter good or bad this year,

Be full of courage to face 2018!

Wipers, travel safety is essential;

Carry the happiness of happiness.

2018 New Year’s new weather, let’s start with a wiper!

Have you stocked this wiper?

Your warehouse, the loading shop, and the rain brush varieties are not complete loss of customers?

Adapting the interface for the car is too much trouble?

Use Topex Multi-function Wiper Quick!

Topex wiper cover 99% of the market.

Complex and simple ,innovative multi-interface design,one-stop solution.

T-U191 all-fit hybrid wiper blade

Germany & USD patent hybrid Wiper Blade

1.Simple to install
2. Superior Quality
3. Fit: Universal type
4. Size:14”-26”

Detailed Introductional to Wiper Blade

Be fit for left-hand and right-hand driving car.

1.Automobil windshield wiper, suitable for many kinds of cars.
a). Appliable for U-HOOK wiper arms:8.7*7mm/9*11mm;
b).Special Hook 15mm,19mm
c). Special arms OD5*22mm

2.Stainless steel flexors adjust to the windshields varies contours

3.Use 100% natural rubber fit for different weather of all over the world

4.Working without noise and leaving no streaks

5.Durable polymer joint for a quiet wiping operation.

6.Durable steel frame for perfect rubber-to-glass contact for excellent performance.

 Focus on Topex :

Quick installation   HD view   Mute feeling   Durable

Topex wiper: for your travel safety escort!