Precautions for windshield wipers.



Precautions for windshield wipers.

Postview: 155       Date:March 30, 2022

Matters needing attention:


Does the wiper play a good role?

The rubber rain strip keeps the moisture level.Only with sufficient moisture can it have a very good toughness to keep it close to the window glass.


For example: one rice is in a bowl. If you don’t make it soft, don’t wash the dishes. You can’t scrape it with a stiff.The use of the wiper, as well.Many car friends often complain that the wiper blade is not clean, that is the reason.


The wiper, as the name suggests, is used to scrape the rain, not to scrape the mud.


Therefore, it is not only possible to prolong the service life of the wiper, but also to maintain a good line of sight, which is more conducive to driving safety.If you want to understand these two basic points, you will know the correct way to use the wiper.


If car friend without a garage should make a habit of cleaning the front window with a wet cloth every morning before leaving the car.



Night, wiper is dry, want to in the car, the night in the front window of the ash deposition with wiper scraper, dry grinding, it is difficult to achieve good results, not only is easy to damage the wiper.The correct way is: after the wet cloth is wiped, the water spray again.Because the good washing glass water is with the volatile, can quickly let the window surface achieve dryness, so as to avoid the damp glass to absorb the mud.


When driving on the road, don’t be in a hurry to open the windshield wipers.


The moisture on the front window is not enough, and the wiper blade can only backfire.The mud stains on the front window are hard to scrape.If the rain is slow, it does not affect the line of sight, it is better to wait for more rain on the front window before turning on the wiper.Start using a wiper in a light rain, preferably after a spray of glass water. (spray glass is not only used when parking, but also in the car.)To ensure that the front window has enough moisture to wet the wiper.


The windshield wiper is best used in second gear, continuous back and forth.


Some car friends like to use intermittent mode to scrape when light rain, which is not very good.Driving on the road is not only to prevent the rain from the sky, but also to protect the mud from the front car.In this case, intermittent mode is easy to scrape the front window into the pattern of mud, seriously affecting the line of sight


The rain stopped on the road. Don’t rush to turn off the wiper.


The same thing is true, when the front window is splashed with mud ideas from the front of the car, and then the wipers are in a hurry.


So the wiper can not play a good role depends on everyone’s daily maintenance!




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